"Developing innovation"

Business competitiveness depends increasingly on the ability to manage and promote the digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation. That is why SB engine pays attention and interest in the model of Open Innovation.

To facilitate this development process of companies is essential element of any "contamination" between innovative companies and businesses that need to innovate.

Open Innovation means just that: build moments of encounter and exchange, in order to encourage the sharing of ideas and expertise in a horizontal manner.

Ideas can compete in the same way to innovate a product or service, this is very useful for building and maintaining channels of communication with any person who can help the development, by the institutions to the startup.

It is the innovation ecosystem of which we are part (helping businesses) enables solutions to the great challenges of the territories (especially in the south Italy).

Open innovation therefore means integrating talents to promote an innovation ecosystem, and much more ... passing by all the actors of the territory for networking.

"Innovation comes from anywhere"

We strongly believe that innovation can come from anywhere and anyone and we are committed to facilitate it and keep it going, that is why our slogan is "Developing innovation".

Work closely with local communities and institutions to make available to SMEs software solutions for us to SB engine is a key objective as well as to create added value in the areas where we operate.

It is for some time that we collaborate and we support the community GOOGLE DEVELOPER GROUP GELA, with which we share many goals and hopes.

The GDG Gela is one user group aimed at independent developers, engineers, students and, in general, for fans of computer technology with a focus in particular on those offered by Google. The purpose of the group is to develop a community of people interested in deepening the aspects of technology from time to time treated meeting, exchanging ideas making friends in a casual and open environment.