The SEO activities allows easy retrieval of the site by users who seek on the engines and normally determines the increase in qualified traffic volume (users specifically interested) that a web site receives through search engines.

These activities include the optimization of the structure of the site and the url (url optmization), accessibility of information on the part of users engines, spiders (robots and sitemap optimization) is the source code (code and error optimization), the depth link (link optimization), the presence of images, the web page is content.

Placement in search engines

65% of surfing in the internet through search engines. Bring up your website among the top results for keywords sought by potential clients, it means:

  1. Be highly visible to your target audience
  2. Capture potential customers at a time inclined to buy
  3. Exponentially increase their business

SB engine supports companies in the analysis of the reference web industry, in the choice of the most appropriate keywords and optimization of the website with the express purpose of making the site appear in the top positions.

Italian or International Placement?

The web allows you to make visible your own company at all times and in all over the world, creating the opportunity to open up to international markets with a sizeable pool of potential customers.

Develop a website only in English is not enough, you need to instead plan a campaign for indexing and Placement targeted for the target country, that considers the socio-cultural and linguistic context of the analogue country.

Thanks to this preliminary analysis, and the experience of completed projects, SB engine optimizes websites to adapt specific search modes and navigation of the reference countries, by placing a solid foundation for successful international expansion activity.

Work steps

  1. Analysis of the industry and competitors
  2. Analysis, research and selection of industry keywords
  3. Optimization of the website code
  4. Registration on search engines
  5. Registration on major portals and directories industry
  6. Increase and optimization of link popularity
  7. Continuous of placement analysis
  8. Sending detailed reports on the placement and on visits

What affects the price

  • Target language
  • Competitiveness of the sector
  • Specificity of keywords
  • Types of competitors